Designer authentic Blue Stone earrings handcrafted on the Apache Reservation in Arizona. Fine in cut and one of a kind matched sets are limited editions created from our family's stone collection. Expert polished at our lapidary then wrapped with Fine .999 silver and finished with Argentium Silver ear wire. High quality materials and craftsmanship for exceptional value directly from Apache lands, shipped to you from the San Carlos Reservation in Arizona.

Richly colored Genuine American Gemstones acquired from Southwest famous mine locations like Sleeping Beauty, Morenci, Bisbee, Kingman, Castle Dome, Hachita and many more. These rare mineral combinations have become increasingly difficult to find. Collectible elements of adornment from the great southwest. For Timeless beauty - authentic heirlooms ask for Apache Blue Stone.

Our rich heritage uses of functional adornment in precious stones connecting us to earth. The Blue stone is special to the Apache people held in the highest regards and respected. For thousands of years the elements have traveled trade routes reaching all direction in exchange for exotics including fancy feathers, foods, spices, and chocolate.

Bead Cutting at the San Carlos Apache Lapidary. Select stones are shaped and fashioned to style ready for use in this quality line of adornment. The respect and reverence for these elements is complete from recovery through every step of creation.


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